Secrets Management

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about systems for secrets management. Let’s call it SM for short.

In AWS, you have Secrets Manager.

But that doesn’t help for on-prem environments.

Outside of the SM offered by the public cloud vendors, HashiCorp Vault seems to be one of the most popular solutions. But it does have a bit of competition.

Here’s a list of the SM solutions I’ve found that seems most promising.

Product Name On-prem possible? Offers SaaS? License Type License Name
Akeyless No Yes Proprietary N/A
Ansible Vault Yes No Open Source GPL 3
BeyondTrust No Yes Proprietary N/A
Bitwarden Secrets Manager Yes Yes Proprietary Bitwarden License
Conjur Yes No Open Source LGPL
Doppler No Yes Proprietary N/A
ejson Yes No Open Source MIT
EnvKey Yes Yes Open Source MIT
HashiCorp Vault Yes Yes Shared Source BSL
Infisical Yes Yes Open Core MIT Expat

Author: Carl Winbäck
Published: 2024-03-15
Last modified: 2024-03-17

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